Fresh Produce

Flexible Indoor Vertical Farming Solutions

Robotics, fully integrated, cost-effective, and flexible indoor vertical farming solutions that enable sustainable and reliable production of fresh and healthy produce by your door

Growin indoor vertical farming solutions apply innovative design and leading-edge technologies to solve the real-world challenge of sustainable and affordable food production profitably and pragmatically.

We design, build, supply and support cost-effective and flexible indoor vertical farming solutions that enable customers around the globe to quickly convert indoor spaces into highly efficient fresh produce farms.


Food security occurs when all people can access enough safe and nutritious food to meet their requirements for a healthy life, in ways the planet can sustain into the future. 

Growin’s aeroponics can help improve food security worldwide. Our patented unique platform provides a higher production yield and lower water consumption when compared to soil, this makes it the ideal solution for improving food security.

Growin - Absolute aeroponics, grow 30% more, x3 faster, with 98% less water


An advanced form of our system is the process of growing plants in mist environment rather than soil. Our Aeroponics systems use water, liquid nutrients, and eco-friendly, moisture retain sponge as soilless growing medium to grow quickly and efficiently more colorful, tastier, better smelling and incredibly nutritious produce.

  • Faster Growth – Faster vegetative growth than any other growing method, which can result in harvests that come in sooner.
  • Bigger Yields and variety– Experienced Aeroponics growers usually get bigger yields than experienced soil growers – given the same conditions (light, nutrients, etc.).
  • Pests Free– getting rids of soils helps make your plants less vulnerable to  diseases like Fusarium, Pythium, and Rhizoctonia species.Also when growing indoors in a closed system, the gardeners can easily take controls of most surrounding variables.
  • Low Maintenance – Aeroponics methods are relatively low maintenance.