70% of our water supply goes to agriculture. 70% of water contamination comes from agriculture.

Growin Aeroponic closed loop water technique can cut water consumption by 95%.

We reduce waste of fertilizers and water since the plants are only fed the amount of fertilizers they need through misted onto exposed roots.


Arable land is the most expensive of all resources. As a land that can support agriculture to feed a surging global population, it tipped to rise to about 9.8 billion by 2050. That rise means the world’s farmers will need to produce at least 60% more food than it currently does.

Growin uses less than 7% of the land required by conventional growing.


We believe in sustainability (even before it was fashionable). We believe it is our responsibility to preserve this planet, and we act upon this perception in every aspect of our environmentally-friendly system

Reducing the environmental impact is important to achieve sustainability. We help human society move towards a fairer and more sustainable world, implementing the right way.


Use of pesticides on U.S. farms has risen 10-fold over the past 40 years as agriculture has become more intensive. Even more, the increasing pesticide use also leads to the development of resistance in pest species.

Due to Growin controlled climate and no soil growing technique, no pesticides are used.


Growin use controlled environment agriculture (CEA) technologies to grow high-value horticultural crops year-round.

Our designated artificial LEDs light help plants grow faster and to significantly increase yield rates.

Grand variety. Grow anywhere. seasonless.

Local+Natural & Sustainable = GROWIN