Crashing the bar

Fresh Taste of Innovation

Our technology enables farming and growing of a wide variety of supreme tasting, peak nutritious produce possible. This includes strawberries, leafy greens, herbs and Spices, root vegetables, Potato mini tubers as seeds for mother plants and Medical Grade Cannabis based on Global GAP (Good Agriculture Practice).

Rooted In Future - Robotics Ready

The unique spatial geometry of the system enables the controller to track in real time where every plant is resting. This is the foundation for a fully automated, robotic systems which use electro-optics video analytics for planting, trimming and harvesting without any human intervention.

Earth-Friendly System

At the core of Growin IP is the unique Growing system – It is a scalable, fully cloud controlled, deployed in indoor clean rooms growing environment, allowing 24/7 anywhere farming, season-less, soil-less, no sun and always fresh. We grow next to where people live. The revolutionary system uses technology and plant science and is  designed to give crops the perfect environment to flourish-pesticides free or non-GMO.

This includes interchangeable shells having 300 growing holes in each tower for green leaves, 300 growing holes for Cannabis or 504 growing holes for spices and herbs. Normally each tower revolves one full turn every 24 hours or as needed according to the protocol.

Putting Mother Nature In a Better Mood

Growin system is soil-less Aeroponics and does not require any use of herbicides or pesticides. It consumes very low, but optimal, amounts of the nutrition fluid using Aeroponics techniques. The techniques allow spraying the plant’s air dangling roots with a mist of nutrient-rich water solution, via a system of sprinklers installed on the inside central axis line of each Growing tower. The very fine droplets ensure a highly oxidized nutrient-rich water solution

Aeroponics uses a very limited amount of water – water is recycled by using a closed loop method and our O3 water purification system. The temperature of the water solution is fully controlled.