Why Growin

We vision

Become a big data leading center for smart farming growing protocols, based on the most advanced and innovative Data Driven agrotechnical system, providing Fast deployed comprehensive solutions for modular indoor grow.

Growin’s crowd-wisdom System is Multipurpose, scalable, soil-less, closed loop water system and season-less. The system is designed to predict and generate high quality yield in short-growth harvest cycles. The robotic ready system ensures superior food safety and minimal environmental impact near or amid consumer population centers.

Reinventing agriculture for the 21st century and beyond


With the growing global population and increasingly scarce natural resources, indoor farming is on the rise. While Indoor Vertical growing systems may seem to be the same, there is a huge difference.

Go Vertical

It starts with our entirely vertical agrotechnical perception – Growin system was designed and built as a vertical system (in terms of lighting, air, watering, etc.)

Grow with it

With our light and modular system, you can start small and grow on a need basis

Growin different

Our data and technology driven system, gives us the ability to expand successful operations in shorter amount of time and include crops not typically grown indoors


Growin’s Indoor growing provides solutions for unused and abandoned urban real-estate, providing an environmentally-friendly growing alternative, saving the need for agricultural lands


“If every city on earth were to grow 10% of its produce indoors, it would allow us to take 340,000 square miles of farmland back to forest. That, in turn, could absorb enough carbon dioxide to bring the level in earth’s atmosphere back to where it was in 1980.”

Prof. Dickson d. Despommier, Columbia University

Growin is turning vacant urban spaces into productive green vertical Fast deployed modular farms.