Digital growin journey

Growin fully cloud capabilities utilize big data and advanced machine learning algorithms, to optimize its growing protocols and monitoring. The Growing Unit Master C&C unit wirelessly controls all growing control sensors and activators embedded in a growing Unit, manages the growing protocol from the seed\seedling nursery stage, till harvest. Our unique cloud software can be operated through big data network-secure lines, using mobile App, optimally manages all required micro clement resources for  different crops.


Optimize growing protocols & daily monitor

  • Highly optimized growing protocols for each plant
  • Create preventive maintenance and alert system

Real time agriculture growing protocol dataset – multiple data points, fully connected and remotely controlled

  • All data is stored in the cloud
  • Growin tracks over 25 different physical parameters per growing farm
  • With dozens of GUs in each farm Growin connected to over 500 data/actuation points per farm
  • Growin aims to become the world’s largest real time agriculture growing protocol dataset