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The agriculture world is changing – temperatures are reaching new highs and lows, the number of insects keeps rising, precipitation has become unpredictable, reduced snowpack and a greater frequency of climate emergencies like harsher droughts, storms and floods – all are likely to cause substantial declines in yield.

These future agriculture challenges, combined with the increasing scarcity of natural resources and the growing global population, require a new indoor data-driven farming strategy to achieve and implement smart farming. One that will provide superior solution to the traditional outdoor farming and change humanity food supply.

Growin smart farming is turning vacant urban spaces into productive green vertical modular farms. Our system uses computer simulations to conduct early tests to evaluate how a variety may perform when faced with different sub climates, nutrition’s, weather patterns, and other factors, and based on machine learning, our growing units are more accurate, efficient, and capable of evaluating a much wider set of variables

Food safety

No pesticides or GMOs, fully traceable

Grow to spec.

Robotics Tech-powered farms that use resources responsibly

Better-tasting produce

By giving plants exactly what they want, we can make them taste how they should.”

Food security

Grown near cities, delivered at peak freshness  year-round